Sunday, April 10, 2005


just got home from the exhibit opening. met friends there. had a nice time chatting. ho-hum. if only she'd get out of the picture...i'm sure i'd live through this. but nevertheless, i'm okay with this kind of arrangement. it hurts,yup,but hey, i'm sure i'll find my senses sooner or later. i just hope it comes sooner.
baliktad yung installation ng "resistance". hehe. ayuz lang.
went to eastwood with carrie,letlet, and chriselle. mike, samio, and buboy followed. had a few black russians. enjoyed the conversation. the continuous exchange of points of views really enlightened me. was happy seeing two sets of friends get along well. hay...the complexities of life. mike talaga gets me going. i love my dear friend to the max. we talked about marriage din. well...
am still much wide awake.had a good sleep kanina after work. will probably pop something to get some snooze. boring wala na kong kausap.
will visit razi later after dinner. we have a lot of catching up to do. =)
anyway, the exhibit opening went well. sana masundan agad.

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