Monday, March 28, 2005

back to work

i'm back in the office now. i had so many realizations during my week long vacation. i'm much calmer now.
i just saw the boss and i'm glad he decided to keep quiet about the whole galera thing.
i have read my cards. one said that there are things or emotions being withheld. there are fears not willing to be faced. the situation needs to be worked out but some people are not just too willing to. it's just a matter of choice. this is resistance.
the other card told me to just stop blaming both parties for the dilemma that is occurring. if it wants to stay that way, i should just let it be. this is acceptance.
the reading gave me closure. not only that. i have two paintings on the process bearing these two concepts. resistance and acceptance. it is a sad thing. i don't want to feel sorry for myself or for anyone else for that matter. living with it will be easy. i have survived a lot of instances similar to this.
i vowed never to read for myself again. i leave it all to fate and time. i am responsible for all i feel. i always come face to face with reality sooner or later, why hassle myself, right?
i'm all set to work now. i'm so glad i decided to have this no-brainer week. i'm finally okay. now, if i could just do his laundry...

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