Thursday, March 31, 2005


marilena's seemed so inviting yesterday morning. cool, cozy, and oh-so-comfy. had breakfast with paulynne. i read for her. it was not my intention to make her sad...still it amazes me how the faeries seem to know everything that goes on. the faeries were all rational during the reading, but they only had good things to say. i know it hurts, but the truth will keep on hurting us if we don't agree with it. i know paulynne is still hurting. i hope the dark lady helps her in this phase. moving on is a struggle, what more than letting go...but we have to know that it is always to our advantage, the pain we feel. it makes us tougher. then it will all get better.
breakfast was lovely. the coffee was great. i had two cups. the conversation was a reality check, not only for her, but for me as well. what's good about it was that we were together to ponder on questions we know the answers to. not that we wanted to justify our mistakes, but it reminded us of our humanity. what we are prone of doing, of we misinterpret the obvious, how we fail to obtain our desires and how we tend fight off our needs. still, it goes back to choosing between right and wrong and avoiding all the gray areas. our feet are now back on the ground.
i got home a little later than i needed to. i immersed myself in my paintings. i was able to go to my photo shoot at 1. and it took forever...hay, kids home at 4:30 and slept for 30 mins. woke up when sam texted me.
samio and i went stroller shopping today. saw eisyss' pictures! sooper-dooper cute! mana sa ina. i also had two shots of espresso. had so much fun reminiscing with him. dang, we miss the good ol' college days. eto yon:
mikko's nady boy and pigeon...samio's orange hair...the caricatures on the classroom walls...mikko's excessive farting aHHAHAhahahhahHAHAh!!!!...sleeping on the table after portraiture classes, and on the bon-bon bed na nakadikit na sa floor...zagu days with the golden girls and sir sustiguer...sir madrinan a.k.a. unicorn...TAWERN!!!
makes me miss my friends more. sarap, now we get to see each other more often. and tinay gave me a call today. tampong kulangot. i don't call her daw! eh the last time i called her, she was in hongkong!
we were able to submit the pieces today. no more worries about that thing now. i'm in the office now. i got us a bag of maxwell house instant 3-in-1...hay, the great taste and aroma, good to the last drop...just like what the bag suggests. nye.
coffee and me
paulynne said she used to compare me to rhumba before. the character of the drink, the itchy bits of chocolate coffee cookies, makes it hard to swallow. but that is also the thing that makes it addicting. it takes a lot of getting used to me before getting to appreciate me.
she told me that i am a totally different drink. i am espresso. made of three parts-- the crema, the body, and the heart. i am sweet on the outside, so full of character, and my heart makes it all good.
pinbulakalak ko na lang yan para kunyari astig ako. hehe.
looking forward to the weekend. miss raens soooo much.

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