Monday, March 14, 2005

no sleep + good coffee = coffee breath

i get so irate everytime i try to paint at home. i just want peace and quiet. but you can't have that with a bunch of kids around. everyone's a kid at home. they are so freakin' whiney. must be in the blood.

i slept a little after church. i wasn't able to have dinner with the rest of the family. but dad woke me up at 12am to help my cousin out with a few write-ups for his business.trip out 'to.kept typing and yacking all night with ate winnie.

haha.i cried again.good girl daw ako with regards to how i took the series of events nung february.

aside from the stress i get from my two jobs,i'm beginning to feel the pressure of the upcoming shows. although the one on april 19 requires only two works(and really small pa, at that),i seem to lack the capability to come up with a concept. i just don't wanna look bad, especially when everybody else is so active in the art scene.

the one in angono(the green earth gallery,probably on may 22) requires four big ones.but i already know what to do so i'll just have to fix up my sched for that.

now what kills me is rehearsals for my students' show on april 1.we are barely halfway the whole thing. what's worse is that i tend to sleep during rehearsal time. i'll probably die early because of these jobs.

i'm thinking of quitting my call center job. i probably will on december.i just want to look for something that will help me pay off my phone bills, sustain my art, and buy me wine. ha, i'd give anything to paint full not anything,really,joke lang yun.

well, i gotta go and recharge my ipod. will take nap before going to work.hope na matatalino yung mga students ko today.hehe.

i need to brush my teeth!

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