Friday, March 18, 2005


i have a feeling that stress will take its toll on me around april 2 when i suddenly stop this routine. i wish i don't get sent to the hospital for intravenous thingamajigs...i get so scared at the sight of needles. really ironic. for a person so into pain, i don't like the needles you get poked with in the hospital.

i wasn't able to sleep much earlier so mom decided to let me stay home tonight. i've been having this series of migraine attacks. i really don't mind working with the pain, i just don't like it when i feel sleepy at the same time. i don't like sleeping in the office. i'd rather sleep here.

one thing i get so whiney about, is this friggin' haircut...i feel really stupid now that i have less hair. i can't even wear girly earrings because they don't match my eyeglasses. i'm getting a new frame...i swear. i can also get a wig, perhaps, but no...i'm sure hair grows back. i hope mine does. i look like a boy! boo hoo!

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