Tuesday, March 15, 2005

funny disturbing events

i called up a friend today. i haven't seen him for a long time. we talked on the phone and eventually decided to meet up. we went to megamall together to have dinner and coffee. he's currently a "starving artist" meaning he's unemployed...but that gives him a lot of time to paint. inggit ako.

nice to hear that he's been really busy with a number of upcoming shows. we met up with blythee and visited the art walk.

the artsy fartsy talk was nice, not that we're artsy fartsy people,oh you know what i mean...

he gave me little lectures on how to's in the art scene. made him swear that he'll help me when i finally get to finish my series. yehey!

funny thing. seems like all the people i meet, but personally have no idea who they are, know of my lovelife. haha. i wonder why. well, men are just as talkative din pala as girls. cute.

i feel happy today. got myself a good pack of reds, a grande latte, and a disturbing message. wasn't meant for me but somehow it found its way to my phone. ewww. my migraine's full blast but the pain is nice...reminds me that i'm still alive. i feel tired but i have an excuse not to talk to anyone and enjoy my ipod. listened to a song raena suggested that i listen to.really amazing how a backrub works with it.

i'm thinking about oysters and red wine. holy cow, i need my friends! nights like this shouldn't be wasted in the office. happy birthday,pow!

i feel a little lighter than usual. looking at things on their brighter side really does help. no matter how trashy things get, a good friend somehow reminds me what every other thing has to offer. i don't have to go gaga over the mood swings anymore.ride lang nang ride.

ayan, sleepy na ko...

i miss my bed!we haven't slept together for a month now...haha!! if only i could clean up my room...

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