Friday, March 18, 2005

frustrations and consolations

i've been painting continuously for a few weeks now. lately, i have so much time in my hands to. i'm doing this nonrep piece but somehow i can't seem to come up with the right colors. i just might have to let go of this one. sayang ang canvas. the other three i have thought of for the angono show, sobrang tapos na in my mind. i guess i should have used calsomime in the first place because the plaster i used completely disfigured the whole thing.
what's really frustrating is that for the past two consecutive days, the electricity died off while i was at work. i don't have a decent studio and it gets really dark inside my bedroom...frustrating talaga. my acrylic dries out on my palette.
but that gives me more time to rest. i love the feeling when i get lost in the music from my ipod. good thing a good friend was so nice enough to download wonderful songs in it. i get to think about a lot of things while lying down on my sister's bed. i get to fix up my schedule, think of one-liners, daydream, and reflect a lot on my mental state.
i spoke with mike tonight. i really like talking with him. every conversation with him soothes my insanity, pulling me back to reality. i don't know why. i guess it's called charisma. haha.
i'm looking forward to tomorrow's outing. bad trip lang, dad will be using the car... but then again, pareho pala kami ng sentimyento. he was mumbling something about the people who can't lend me their cars. unfair daw. haha. i heard that line from myself din just this saturday. just goes to prove that my dad and i think the same thoughts. only i don't get boners in the morning. hahahhahahahahahahahaa!!!! foul.vile. my thoughts disgust me.yuck.
that's why you don't go inside your parents room in the morning.
okay, i should stop this now before i get anymore repulsive. eeeewwww.

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