Thursday, March 17, 2005

lovely mornings for the figure conscious people

i always look forward to mornings when i have this sense of freedom to just yack away like a maniac. i spend these mornings with my two good friends, paulynne and claire. getting off the bus means a short walk to adb ave where we have expensive breakfasts...well,it becomes expensive when you start doing this everyday.

anyway,we took our usual routine today. we ended up in marilena's (really good twice-cooked adobo) because we wanted to try the cheesecake. of course, the topic as always,is LOVE. come to think of it, lately,we always end up teary-eyed during conversations. really, talk is always good because insights are shared and compared, plus a couple of reds make time really special with these two funny girls.

i finally ended up sharing sob stories of my life. complicated or shallow, hell, i don't care. it just feels good when you talk and someone listens. and it feels better when you do the same thing for a friend.

i hope mornings like these will be forever present. it makes you feel peaceful inside. whether you talk about pain or glee or of bitterness or the sweet life, and of course i tend to interject a few morbid ideas, it will always be a hundred times better when spent with people you love. no matter how high or low i feel, these are moments i'll forever cherish. even my selective memory won't mar these precious moments.

these are the best things in life that make you want to live much longer.

and, yup, the cheesecake was extremely delightful.

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