Wednesday, March 16, 2005


my day started good, spent a lot on breakfast...had a hungarian sausage with a croissant, a chicken bechamel croissant, and a peach danish, washed down with fresh orange juice.of course i had to splurge,it's somebody's birthday today. unfortunately, i can't be with the birthday boy so i celebrated on my own! i hate delifrance! but hey, it's payday, i can cut myself some slack.

i reached antipolo a little early. i decided to go to my "suking" parlor. i first got a hot oil treatment. it felt so good after a night of a bad case of migraine attack. while my head was cool and sticky, i got a foot spa but fell asleep halfway the thing. haha, i was so embarassed because my chinelas smelled like mayonnaise. after that, i had my hair steamed. it was funny because i kept dozing off while doing the steamy thing and the seat was so uncomfortable. i looked really stupid. vilma, the shampoo girl, woke me up so i could get my pedicure. fell asleep again through the thing, but they were nice enough to let me sleep on the couch for a while before i had my haircut. i got nice feet again.

now, i remember why i always get haircuts with my contact lenses on. i couldn't see myself in the mirror and i started to get worried because there was a lot of hair around. e konti lang buhok ko eh! uh oh...the stylist took off too much hair...i'm almost bald again. bad haircut. bad haircut.

i wish my hair grows back before the 26th.i don't get to see you-know-who much often now, and i don't want to look manlier than him. ikamamatay ko!

had a bucketful of doubts in my head about art stuff. good thing, raena's always around to give me enlightenment. felt home feeling a little cooler around the head, had my moments of emptiness, organized my unreasonable thoughts, and slept till 7pm.

i'm now here in the office, minding my own business. i don't mind the people working. it'll be another long night, i'm sure.

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