Tuesday, March 15, 2005

consolation prizes

i keep on complaining about how life treats me. but raena reminded me a few weeks ago that life is always sweet, we just forget how and why.
a lot of friends ask me how i'm doing now, what's up with me, and other stuff like that. they always have something nice to say.
i may not be getting what i want and doing what i really want to do, but these people make me feel happy everytime i go down there. yup. i may not be the winner here. but consolation prizes are the best things in life. they are always just right, just enough, not fabulously amazing though, but really, they are the sweetest. they're always around when you feel like you have nothing at all.
nope,i'm not saying that they are the second best. i'm saying that they make me feel like a winner.
lucky me.

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