Thursday, March 31, 2005


i'm okay for the day! 42 cases...and i have a lot of time left. i also finished the paintings today...while working. asteeeeeg ako!!! i'm so happy! at least i have less things to worry about. i just wish i stay up till lunch time without a migraine attack. i'm going to take my students' pictures today. i hope my camera works good.
i had the most amazing time yesterday when i woke up around 4pm. i washed a friend's shirt. nadaig ang powers ko. makapit ang mantsa hehehehehheeeeehehehe!! i used to be good in doing the laundry. di ako nagtagumpay. sabi ni paulynne, tide with bleach lang ang sagot nyan. kaya siguro talagang maputi ang mga damit ni tolits.
i saw my crush pala in megamall two days ago. cool. and i'm too old to have crushes. kaya i prefer to obssess na lang. nyar.
i love lenny kravitz to death.
coffee later wheeee!!!

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