Friday, March 18, 2005

my kiddies

as usual, i came in late for my teaching job today. i arrived to see the boys working on their electronics projects. i chatted for a while with a co-teacher while watching the kids make a big fuss with their soldering irons and crocodile clamps. hay...boys will be forever boys. they were doing cartwheels while having electronics classes! the other kids were climbing up the piles of monoblock chairs. three came to ask for a grade, and got the same answers..."tapusin nyo muna project nyo,bago kayo bigyan ng grade."
but amidst the noise and the hyperactive bodies running around, i had to smile. they were so full of activity and energy. some came up to me to ask if we have rehearsals. they were excited about it.
i have to give it to the kids. they keep on surprising me with their creativity and wit. especially now when a lot of them just recently gained awards from art and academic competitions. sometimes, what they have doesn't seem to reach our standards, so we keep pushing. well, most of them are slightly above the average kid na pala.
sweet thought- the highschool kids took over the rehearsals for the black theater presentation. some kids would look at me and say, "ma'am sana di ka na pumasok,sana natulog ka na lang." it just goes way over your heart and head when the kids do that. you can feel so much concern in their voices. their sincerity just overwhelms me.
what i do may kill me, but i can't leave this job just yet. i love my kids.

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