Sunday, March 13, 2005

old habits,dehydration,and sniffles

one more time this computer shuts down,i'll whack it with anything i can get my hands on.
anyway,i should not be blurting this out and giving myself away,but i had such a good time,i want to share.
friday night was a mess.i woke up at 8pm and promised to pick up paulynne and claire at 9pm.haha. i left home with blue at 9pm...good thing, blue, my trusty car, didn't have the hiccups anymore. i can drive fast again!! i made it to our meeting place at 9:30.unfortunately, c5 was in a jam.really really toxic.i started apologizing to the two,especially to paulynne...wala pang late yan, i called the front desk to advise that we'll be late for work.
yun na.nagkatamaran na.hay, old habits never die. cutting classes, that's what they call it. but in this case, it is not school we were avoiding. it's work.
took our time to think since we were late anyway.we parked somewhere at the fort to contemplate on whether we come in at 2am to work or just do something extreme.malate?no way.too far.aaaaahh...alvin's place.but we still have to think of a good excuse because the tl told us to come in kahit half-day.
we did a really huge u-turn and went back to shell at mocha blends. it was so funny because we thought of excuses, some of them really crappy. finally, we had one.claire was to call. aba, the inday was writing down a script.she's not good in lying, daw. osha na nga,i made the call instead...i didn't give the tl a chance to speak.i told her that we were stressed out,we were not in the mood to work anymore,a late would look bad in our scorecards,that instead of waiting,we'd rather go home and do something productive...well,the last one's half truth.
after much girltalk, we went to alvin's house in pasig. leif came, too. we had such a nice time together.awwwwwwww, my carpool buddies...together again.
paulynne got a little drunk. i made pimp juice.she liked it alot.lahat ng tagay, ininuman.
we said goodnight to alvin and left at 8 am and went straight to antipolo. we had to look for a place for next week's outing. it was soooo hot yesterday morning, i was sweating like a pig. haha. i dinged myself. well, we weren't successful. antipolo has become really expensive. so i just took leif,paulynne, and claire home to have something cold to drink. man, i was so dehydrated, i hurt.
i make good iced tea and pimp juice.
after so much time with no sleep, i went to angono after driving from pasig to antipolo, around antipolo, to rosario, and then back to antipolo. the green earth gallery is one month old, located at the scrapyard resort. scrapyard resort. sounds icky? yup, but it was such a nice place. really lovely.
i choose not to give out comments anymore.
anyway, only two other artists showed up at the meeting. very few were accomplished. i got home at 4 and painted a little. i slept after a while with paint on my hands.woke up at 3am. painted again.
now, yoshee wrote me a friendster testimonial and made me cry.

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