Friday, March 11, 2005

one way streets

wrote this a few days ago in my's been a long time since i wrote stories.found someone for inspiration.ouch.

here goes...

he met her in the time of his childhood. but looking at him,he stands like a man,sounds like a man,smells like a man. a man-child perhaps...but he never grows old. beneath the facade,yes,he is still a child. and then they met.

in the complexity of her thoughts, her insides became stagnant. in the complexity of his being, he continued with what he is used to, unassuming. amidst the contrast of their feelings, something thrived. she tried to keep calm, but her misfortunes overwhelm her. he feels nothing, not even guilt. he feels only indifference. the feeling she hates the most. it cripples her.

he doesn't understand the pain he causes. she basks in the pain she thinks she deserves. he keeps on picking on the wound. she thinks it is lovely. she deserves a little happiness. she knows she is worth it. but he doesn't see it. they are a symbiosis. she hates herself but loves him still. he is oblivious, he is a child.

the man-child lives.she dies slowly.

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