Monday, March 28, 2005

sick sick leave

i'm sure everyone's guilty of this, so don't judge me. i'm writing this down to share. i know everyone will notice my tan (haha negra) so i assume they'll think this, too. anyway nolan and tey know, so what's to hide?
my week was quite eventful, i guess. i did lose my voice and lost a lot of money over gimiks but i sure had fun. not guilt-free, though, but really, i even surprised myself.
monday - went to the hospital to visit bembol's mom. ended up at the fort with mike and two girlfriends and much later, at eastwood.talked about ghosts,dwarfs,religion, the bible, ewan ko kung ano pa... i have to admit, mike talaga fascinates me. he's one friend i'll never get tired of...shaka talagang sasapakin nya ko just to get sense in my head. hehe.
tuesday - spent the night with juanlou, blythe, and king, and some other guys. guess where? at the corner of a quezon city street! scout borromeo ata yun. astig. good service.
wednesday - spent the late night waiting for thursday morning somewhere in munoz.
thursday - left for puerto galera at 3am.
nye. i don't want specifics anymore. actually, i've edited a lot of events already. haha! some just can't be printed, i might get into a lot of trouble...
i love galera! i really was sick, well, "stressed out" is the better way to describe how i felt. i just couldn't think straight anymore. i guess the flow of events just started killing me. i really had to go somewhere to unwind. the trip was okay, although it could have been better if...ahehehehe...well, that's way beyond my control, so let's just leave it at that.
i loved the company. met king's friends - lab,cherry and mico. nice people. i loved watching juanlou and the other tattoo guys make sand sculptures. loved the empoys at 3pm. loved the carinderia food. loved the filthy sand and the salty ocean. loved the galunggong lab bought. loved the salt that stuck to my earrings and the splashes of salt water during the boat ride to galera. loved it when they made us stay at the rear of the boat, under the scorching sun, because the wind just kept on cooling us.
the beach was so crowded. enjoyed looking out for what the guys called "chicksilogs." i'm sure you'll figure it out by yourself. enjoyed sleeping at the beach when some kid stole my smelly slippers. enjoyed the mini by the beach because i didn't leave any for blythe. loved that trip. had fun waking up at 6am when the boat leaves at 6am. haha, no more washing up or anything, we just stuffed all our things inside our bags and started running to the beach. well, the boat didn't leave us. we got back to manila before 10am.
i'm painting the thingy for the cubicle right now. so go away and don't disturb me.

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