Thursday, March 17, 2005

so tired

i don't feel like working tonight.

it is one of those days when i can't seem to think straight. i'm in such a daze, in a maze, but it's just a phase.

earlier today, i saw my dad eating sinigang. of course, i turned green at the sight of it. he even looked like he was enjoying it.

hay, sinigang. it was a sign. sinigang and me, we don't get along well. we can never be. we can never be caught dead together. sinigang. the sour smell of the hot soup makes my insides churn. it was not a hint. it is destiny.

never can be.

good thing mum recycled yesterday's fried chicken for my dinner.

fast forward

i have crazy plans for the next time i come face to face with my latest disappointment. desperate times call for taking the most desperate measures. hmmm...if only i could flee from the nightmares that happen during my waking hours. i keep riding this paranoia. i know i should have gotten used to this since i've been in this state for the past 7 years. why can't i find peace now? see, the sinigang was indeed a sign.

well, why worry? i can always recycle fried chicken.


i'm always confusing myself. sometimes, i come so vocally honest, so frank and open; sometimes i get so vague, i give myself headaches.


there are 6 women in my life today that prove to be so invaluable. no matter how freaky or how melodramatic i get, these people listen. i tend to repeat myself but they never get tired of hearing me out.

they are so greatly appreciated.

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